Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Early to bed, late to rise

Looks like another overcast day, so we may have to go another day without swimming. However, A slept from 7 last night until 7:20 this morning, so that definitely helps start the morning out right. We've been "sleep training" again because I had been rocking A to sleep too much and it threw his schedule outta wack. But it looks like we may be back on track (although naps are still erratic - I suspect he's fixin' to drop his morning one soon). Of course, it has only been two days of "sleeping in", but apparently I am more optimistic than I would've given myself credit for.

Note: There are folks that wonder why you'd put a kid to bed so early if you want him to sleep late. There are other folks that say that the earlier you put a kid to bed, the later he sleeps. I'm gonna have to side with the latter folks because when A goes to sleep at 9pm, he wakes up at 6:30. Yay for early bedtimes.

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hillarykey said...

I totally agree with the early to bed/late to rise. I wish (or pray) that my boys will one day discover the joys of sleeping late. Until then, naps are my friend and coffee is like gold!