Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Irony and Braving it

I totally LOL'd at Emily's comment to Tuesday's post about Alex's head, when she was all, "At least he doesn't have an up and coming photo shoot to attend." Haha. That was funny. Especially since my sister the photographer will be coming from Colorado this weekend to do Alex's one year photo shoot. Aahhh, I can't say enough about kids and their impeccable timing...

Before Rachel gets here tomorrow night, we will be taking Alex to his very first baseball game. My mom got Timothy two tickets to tomorrow's Rangers v. Braves game as a graduation gift, so the three of us are gonna "brave" the heat and a jacked up nap schedule to attend. Although we are now Texans, we will be cheering for Atlanta because that was Timothy's team when he was growing up. And he is hoping that it will be Alex's team as he grows up. To that end, Grammy sent a care package with some Braves gear for A to wear to the game.

We'll head to the stadium around 12:30 tomorrow with camera (and snacks and sippy cups and toys and diapers and...) in hand, so we'll be able to document A's experience at his first professional sporting event. And if I'm not too exhausted after having to occupy Alex for eight innings (I figure he'll find the first one interesting, but if he's anything like his mama, he'll get antsy after that), I may blog about it. Otherwise, you may just have to watch the game on TV and hope you can catch a glimpse of us in the crowd. Go Braves!!

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leah said...

If that boy has any Evans' in him...he should last at least half the game :) He may surprise you and totally love it!! GOOD LUCK