Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Cupcake Store

So I know I keep blogging about food, but after shopping and spending time with family, eating is my favorite thing to do. And Tim's pretty fond of it too, so we are kind of in "hog heaven" now that we live in a city where awesome eateries are a dime-a-dozen. Unfortunately we are too broke to try most of them, but between the sofa cushions and Alex's piggy bank, we have managed to scrape up just enough dough to split a Diet Coke at a couple of neat places here in Dallas. One of our first visits was to Sprinkles, a place that sells nothing but cupcakes. I repeat, nothing but cupcakes. It originated in Beverly Hills and there are only a handful of locations across the U.S., so apparently it is a pretty swanky place to get your fix.

So one afternoon, Timothy surprised Alex and I and took us there for a treat. The way it works is that each day they have 10 different flavors to choose from, and all of them are made with fine and fresh ingredients like sweet cream butter, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, bittersweet Belgian chocolate, and fresh fruit and citrus zests. Just typing that makes my mouth water.

Anyway, we got our cakes and sat outside, enjoying the breezy, fresh air and our yummy snack. Well, A enjoyed his yummy cup of liquid cardboard, but Timothy and I noshed on "Black & White" and "Orange" cupcakes. Which were divine.

Of course, the adorable little box that they come in is designed to accommodate four cupcakes, and farbeit for me to deprive that little box of the purpose its talented designers intended. So we got a couple extra cakes for later. Folks, you're lookin' at "Red Velvet" and "Lemon Coconut".

I thought about doing swanky cupcakes for Alex's birthday instead of a cake, and then I remembered that we are broke, and that swanky cupcakes cost $3.25 each, times thirty people...I don't know what that adds up to, but I'm sure we can't afford it.

After cupcakes, we ran a few more errands, and on the way, Alex demonstrated why he decided to wear a hat that day.

I'd say he has his daddy's hair.

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