Friday, June 27, 2008

Gonna need the Family Plan

Alex has a couple of new tricks up his sleeve lately. One of them is talking on the phone, although he only does it with his play phone, not with a cell phone, where someone might actually want to talk to him. No, when he gets a hold of a cell phone, he just likes to press all of the buttons and watch the screen change, and when he ends up calling China for the tenth time and you try to take it from him, he's all, "Bu xing, mom, I'm tryin' to get culturized!!"

We didn't purposefully show him how to use the phone, but one day he just picked up his play phone and held it to his ear...ish area, then proceeded to holler as if he were speaking to someone. I can only imagine that he is imitating how we talk on the phone. As it turns out, the way that Tim and I talk on the phone is really obnoxious.

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