Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That's gonna leave a mark.

They say that the longest day of the summer is June 21st, but I'm pretty sure it was today. Or at least it felt that way. It started off with Alex not wanting to take his morning nap. He slept until 7 - which is "sleeping in", by the way - so he may not have been tired when I tried to put him down at 9. I let him holler for a bit, but I could tell by the tone of his voice that a nap was not going to happen. When I went in to get him, this is what I found.

No, I generally do not dispose of dirty diapers by placing them in my son's crib. That was his doing. Apparently he decided to get back at me for forcing him to nap by removing his diaper and whizzing all over his bed sheets.

So I no longer had the benefit of a child-free morning to finish up the invites to Alex's party, which meant I had to try to finish them with-child. That meant creating a barricade of boxes around the very accessible computer area to stave off Alex's attempts to electrocute himself on the array of electrified things "hidden" under the desk. Guess who decided to climb atop one of those boxes, less than a foot away from me, and fall over the other side, directly onto his face, directly onto the hard wood floor, resulting in a large gash on his belly and a grotesque purple knot on his forehead?

Yeah, that was fun. He howled for a few minutes then went right back to his old shenanigans, including a second attempt to scale the box barricade and reach the other side unscathed. This time, however, I did not look away for 1.3 seconds and was able to grab him before he plummeted to the floor. Again. I guess that means it wasn't a "lump of knowledge".

Sure, he can get into trouble quicker than I can stop him. Sure, these kinds of things happen to everyone. Et cetera, et cetera. But I still felt guilty for taking my eyes off of him for one point three seconds and letting him bash his skull into the floor. So I attempted to make things right by sharing my Fudgsicle after lunch which, I think, scored me some major make up points. Man, the kid loves a Fudgsicle. Does anyone else think he looks like Wyatt Earp?

Anyhoo, I wanted to take him to the pool today, but rain and gale-force winds forced us to revise our plans. It seems that the only things A is interested in these days are things he has no business being interested in, so that makes for a long day when you are stuck inside, surrounded by tempting "no-no's"and trying to get anything done. So I just did my usual and wrangled him away from trouble the best I could. And with success!! By the end of the day, the giant purple goose egg on his forehead had become a medium purple goose egg, and we somehow avoided adding anymore bumps or bruises to his purdy face.

Fingers crossed, tomorrow will be bright and sunny, shenanigan-thin, and injury-free.


Molly Telford said...

yeah, our kid will be turned over to child protective services pretty soon....or at least they will be called...just buy some more fudgesicles and give him some benadryl! Just KIdding!

leah said...

Now that is an awesome knot!! You did good on that one corn dog!! :)

Amy said...

Wha???.. Are you sure YOU didn't bump your head? My daughter who threatened her ever lovin' mama if I even JOKED about feeding him a itsy bitsy bit of ice cream? AAAhahaha.a.a.a.a...you are a REAL mom now! Trust me, you will feel bad a lot longer than he will. Isn't it amazing how the kids can get over a bump instantly and as adults we can milk it for a week! Multiply this behavior by 10 and you'll have some idea what you were like!

Quinn said...

OUCH!!! At least he doesn't have any up and coming photo shoots to attend. Quinn ran into the edge of a cabinet 3 days before her V-day photo shoot. Thank goodness for photo-shop. And way to make things better with the Fudgsicle. I found myself giving Quinn swigs of my milk-shake the other day, not out of guilt, but just to get her to be quite. It is amazing how morning sickness makes you give into everything and not want to do anything at the same time.