Sunday, May 11, 2008

Word to yo mutha

I know you are all anxiously awaiting a belated 10 month post, and although it is in the works as I type, I wanted to take a quick second to shout-out to all the mamas in the crowd, being that today is Mother's Day and all.

It's probably no surprise that I have a whole new perspective on Mother's Day now that I'm a mom. I've heard - many, many times - about what a...challenge I was as a baby. I never slept, I was (in)famous for my ability to project vomit across a room, I crawled and climbed and clawed my way to any no-no I could find, and I was fond of eating poisonous houseplants. But it was always hard to relate to the woes of early motherhood, as my own mom described them, before I had actually experienced them myself.

On many more occasions, however, I have heard (and read, thanks to my mom the Queen of All Journal-keepers) about what an incredible joy I brought to my parents, about how smart and energetic and spirited I was, about how thankful they were for me - despite my many "challenges" - and how much I was loved, adored, and appreciated. That, too, was hard to really comprehend until Alex came along. I finally understand what a mother feels, how a mother thinks, and how a mother loves. How much a mother loves.

And Mother's Day is a wonderful concept. I'm a big fan of the idea that there is a day dedicated to the moms of the world, that honor them for the hard work that they do, at a job that requires them to be on duty, every minute of every day of every year, 'til death they do part. But the greatest gift is having a happy baby, one that loves his mom abundantly and unconditionally, the way she loves him. And I have that! What a lucky mom I am.

Happy Mother's Day!


grammy said...

What a great post Sarah. And if I haven't told you lately how thankful I am to have you the mother of my grandson, thank you. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Come vomit or blow your nose on me any time Sarah and Alex (okay, yeah, and Tim too). In the long run (and sometimes short run) it's all so worth it. This blog is such a wonderful gift to me.
Love all of you!
Ganny B (or whatever Alex finally names me)

Chatter said...

Sarah, the pics of you and Alex are adorable!! He is getting so big and is still adorable as ever. Happy Belated Mother's Day! Hope everything is going well since you'll be moving in no time. Good luck!