Friday, May 30, 2008

Apartment Sweet Apartment

Praise Jesus, we made it to Dallas. Barely. We arrived around four o'clock, I think, and went straight to the leasing office at Broadstone Seville to pick up our keys. Luckily, the apartment was just as we remembered it, with no weird surprises or misjudgments to leave us disappointed. Instead, it was pristine and bright and open and we fell in love with it all over again.

I took some pictures of its pre-Evans condition, because let's face it, it will never be this clean or this empty as long as we're living in it.

This first one is the view from the front door down the hallway into the living area. You're looking at the door that leads to the balcony, flanked by two fixed windows, with a transom above that let's the sunlight in but keeps the Peeping Toms out.

The view(s) from the balcony.

This next one is the view from the living area into the kitchen/dining area, followed by one of the kitchen. The whole living space is open, so there are really no "rooms" to speak of in this section of the apartment.

Alex's room.

The view from Alex's room.

Alex's bathroom.

Master bedroom.

Master bath.

And that concludes this portion of our tour.

Alex was definitely digging his new "crib". Of course, little booger that he is, the very first thing he did when his knees hit the floor was to book it to the nearest door stop and promptly insert the rubber stopper into his mouth. Aah, visions of things to come...

Did you see how he palmed that thing? With the camera up to my face, I didn't even notice he had done it until he had already stuck it in his mouth. I probably shouldn't admit to the whole world, along with photo evidence, about what an unobservant mother I am. What can I say, I'm just keeping it real.

Anyway, chewing on rubber door stoppers wasn't the only thing that interested him. He's all, "What other dangerous thing can I get my mitts on? Hmmm, this oven oughta do the trick."

His last stop was the windows to the balcony, where he could check out the neighbors and make awesomely loud noises by slapping his hands against the glass.

We got to bed early because the movers would be arriving in the morning with our stuff. Alex ended up in our closet again because the mini blinds covering the giant windows in his room were hardly sufficient to keep the golden rays of Texas sunshine out. He slept fine, thankfully, but Tim and I were desperately missing our own comfy bed and couldn't wait to feel at home in our new place.


Weems World said...

Love the new place!!!
You guys are so "Sex in the City-ish"
Very sleek and cool-can't wait to see what it looks like with baby toys everywhere:)...
Saying a little prayer for you as you adjust-it will be lots of fun!

Katie said...

Awesome apartment! I definitely approve! I miss you guys already though.