Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucky Number 13

I did not plan on continuing with my "Monthly" posts past Alex's first birthday, and technically, this post will not follow my normal monthly format. But I did want to share a little of what Alex has been doing this past month, through pics and a few words.

Nooo, Booger still isn't walking. Dontcha think I would've blogged about something like that? He is standing on his own all of the time, and he is taking lots of steps, but to say he is "walking" would be a gross exaggeration. We never seem to have the camera in reach when he is stepping, but we will get it on film soon.

He is still climbing on everything he can find, including the plastic file tub we keep by the computer. He ends up there at least ten times a day, the perfect spot to press on the keyboard and bang the mouse around. I've given up trying to prevent him from doing it because it is exhausting. Besides, he can easily get down on his own, and it really isn't very far to fall if he does misstep. Yeah, I know, bad mommy!!

What's worse is that he has now discovered that he can use the file tub as a means to climb onto the office chair, which is a much farther distance to fall. This picture was not staged. I ran to get the camera after he climbed up by himself and before he tried to climb down by himself.

One of his other favorite places to perch is atop this little stool that Granny B got him for his birthday.

He is talking up a storm and learning new things everyday. He says new words daily. When he is finished with a meal, he will pop his hands out to the side, palms up, and say "done!" It's pretty much to die for. He says "bird" and "dog" when he see them, and has said "red", "blue", and "yellow" while reading a book about colors. He has started to memorize some of his books and will do the motions associated with the words as we read them.

He is getting much better with precise movements, meaning he can open CD cases, insert objects into teeny, tiny holes with little effort, and other impressive yet aggravating feats.

He is still eating anything and everything.

We started dropping his morning nap a few days ago because he was sleeping well in the morning and then refusing to nap in the afternoon. So far so good, although this morning he was a little crabby and we wondered if the missing morning nap was starting to catch up with him. So we decided to put him to bed early tonight and stick it out for the next few days. It's awesome to be able to do what we want in the morning!!

Sooo, other than that, he has just been busy being super cute.


leah said...

awwww I love my little corn dog! He's just so all the faces!!!

Amy said...

Love the hairdo when he is eating celery. I'll come teach him to walk next week when I come for a visit! Okay- Not teach cause he's known how for a month but I'll give him some Granny encouragement!
See ya soon!!

grammy said...

I can't think of any words except awwwww, how cute, that's what I said after every pic; awwwww, how cute !!!!!!! Luv ya Alex, Happy 13th and oh yeah, your dad didn't walk until he was 13 months old. awwwww, how cute.

Sarah R said...

Alex is so big! Happy 13th! Those are some seriously cute pictures.

AliciaG said...

I would have to agree with you on his "super cuteness." He is a doll! Love reading your blog about all he is doing.