Saturday, August 2, 2008

Steppin' It Up

I was gonna wait to post this news until I had some video evidence, but who knows when that will happen. So I'll make this quick. Alex took his first steps on Thursday!! Before his father got home, of course. We were playing on the floor when he stood up, supporting himself by the footstool. When he let go to put both hands on a toy, I called him over to me, much like a dog. I was all, "Here boy, here Alex, good Alex, come to Mama!!" He clumsily stumbled over to me, about two steps away, and we were both so excited. I gave him a treat, because hey, it works with Murphy. And then we tried it again, from a little further away. Three steps that time!! He's done it off and on since then, and we were sure to demonstrate his newfound talent for his daddy when he got home. It takes a little more coercion (and bribery) than I'd prefer, but at least it's a...step in the right direction.

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Oliver said...

Yaaayyyy Alex!!! Great job, buddy!