Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday morning with Granny B

Sunday. We lazed around the house in the morning before heading to Thompson & Knight to check out Timothy's office. Mom, Alex, and I hadn't been there yet, so this was the perfect opportunity for the three of us to get the grand tour.

The firm recently moved into a brand new building, as in, they just built the place and moved in a couple months ago. Thompson & Knight leases four-and-a-half floors in the building - Timothy's office is on the 14th. Other tenants of the building include the corporate headquarters for 7-11, a few swanky restaurants, and some condos on the top few floors available to TK employees at the discount rate of $450/sq. foot.

A view of the main lobby of the building:

The entrance to TK:



View from the lobby:

Conference rooms and hallways:


Timothy's office:

The views from Timothy's office:

Daddy pretending to work:

Alex pretending to work:

Alex throwing Daddy's office supplies in the garbage:

Alex wondering why there is nothing in the recycling bin:

Turns out, Alex was not very impressed with his daddy's office.

Except for one thing - the decorative baseball that was conveniently located atop an Alex-sized file cabinet.

He blew on it (for good luck, I assume):

Practiced his pitching grips, stances, and signals:

Practiced his throwing:

Practiced calling the ball by name:

Banged it against the window:

And got in trouble for banging it against the window:

At that point, he really just wanted to leave so he could have some lunch and take a nap.

And that's exactly what we did. We left, had lunch at Jake's Burgers, and went home to nap.


saspivey said...

The whole building, Tim's office included, looks like something out of a Tim just acting like a high-powered attorney on the set of a new action flick?

Molly & John Telford said...

sweet digs tim-dog. makes me proud:) but really, come on with the acting, we all really know that you don't have a real job;)