Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday afternoon with Granny B

After our naps, we lazed around the house some more, mostly reading books and eating and chatting.

Somehow, I managed to wrestle Alex away from Granny B for a couple of minutes, and he made it worth my while by cuddling up with me. And yeah, I know I look hot in my jammies and scraggly hair. That's what happens when I've been dressed up all day and want to be comfy. I expect Stacy and Clinton to show up at my door any day now...

Eventually, as bedtime approached, Alex got a bath and then B helped him brush his teeth and hair.

Then Alex helped B brush her teeth.

Then we decided to have some fun at Alex's expense. B brushed all of his hair forward, which must have been a drastic change in Alex's eyes because he acted as if he didn't recognize himself. It inspired some of the most hilarious faces I've seen him make, all serious and confused, like, what on earth is that thing on my head? I don't think these pictures capture the true hilarity that ensued. But it was darn funny.

After we were done goofing around, B read Alex a few books and then it was time for him to go to bed. We were going to need plenty of rest for the busy day that would lie ahead.

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