Monday, October 13, 2008

Boxes? What boxes?

After we played in the yard on Friday, we weren't quite ready to get back to work. So we played some more instead. And now we have a room that's specifically devoted to playing, located at the front corner of the house, between our bedroom and Alex's. Every mom needs a room like this, where toys can live and breed freely, and when things start getting out of control, I can simply shut the door and the pigsty disappears from sight and mind.

Do you know how much time I'll gain each day by not having to pick up toys? Hours. Now I might actually have time to pick up my own messes. Well, I won't have an excuse not to, at least.

After all the exhaustive playing, Alex needed a snack. He's been spending a lot of time in the pantry and will often create a meal out of whatever he finds in there. On this particular day, he was having a carb craving.

Turns out he prefers his taters deep fried and covered in ketchup.

By the end of a fun day like this, Alex is icky and dirty and smells like pennies. I have a feeling that pre-bedtime baths will become more frequent now that we'll be spending more time outside. A went through a short-lived phase where he wanted out of the bath as soon as he got in. These days, bath time is never long enough.


Amy said...

OH! I want a playroom like that! I love that it is so sunny and bright. I love the polka dot table and the square patch rug!
hhhmmm...potatoes and ketchup? hhmm.. has Aunt Rachel been visiting?

leah said...

Ok Corn Dog is looking waaaayyy too old!! Crazy!! And I LOVE the playroom! I wanna come over and play in there....better yet, I want one of those rooms in my house ;)