Saturday, October 4, 2008

What you've been waiting for

Hmmm, I don't think I've gone a week between posts since the birth of this blog. Until now.

Oh boy, where to begin...?

We moved on Monday. Don't worry, we haven't been placed in a witness relocation program, deported, or exiled; Tim hasn't been canned; I'm not trying to escape the mobs of paparazzi that follow me on a daily basis; Alex isn't trying to evade capture by the five-oh who is trying to pick him up for parole violation; Murphy and the dog catcher are on good terms these days...

So basically, we have moved to a house that has more room, a yard, and only three stairs as opposed to the fifty-something I had to climb at the apartment.

When we moved here, our grand plan was to get a seven month lease on our apartment so that we would have somewhere nice to stay while we looked for a place that would probably suit our needs better. We were hoping to find a place to rent in the Park Cities, home of the top-ranked Highland Park school district. And by "top-ranked", I mean it is considered one to be one of the top ten school districts in the country. Top ten. In the country. Of course, such a thing comes with a hefty pricetag, and in this case, that pricetag is attached to each and every house, condo, and piece of land in Highland Park. By the time we're dead, we may have saved up enough money to buy in Highland Park, but for now, renting is our only option.

The lease on our apartment isn't actually up until December, so before we could sign on at a new place, I had to find someone to take over our lease at Seville. Which was an exhausting process that I'd rather not relive, so I'll spare you and myself the details. Basically, we found someone to sublease, found a new place to live, packed the apartment, and moved, all within the span of a week.

Somewhere between looking for sublessees, packing, making phone calls, and answering emails, we started our search for our next abode. We didn't find the perfect place in the Park Cities, at least not within our budget, so we "settled" for a super cute, completely renovated, 3BR 2.5BA house with a garage, sunroom (aka playroom for Alex), huge front yard and fenced backyard, new kitchen, new floors, freshly painted walls, fireplace, and security system outside of the Park Cities. We moved in on Monday, so I am still attempting to unpack a garage full of boxes to create some semblance of a home. Which is why I've deprived you all of a blog post for a week and still have no pictures of the house to share yet. Been a little busy.

As far as the whole Park Cities thing...The way we figure it, Alex won't go to kindergarten for another three and a half years, so we have a while to find a great place that we can stay until we find a great place that we can buy. In sixty years. When we're dead.


grammy said...

I was wondering if the cable guy made it on Wednesday !!!

Rachel said...

Ok, so what's the new address?!? It may turn out to be important information. And I'm glad it all worked out for you guys. Enjoy the unpacking and deciding where everything is going to go phase- I always do!

AliciaG said...

Bless your hearts! It sounds like you HAVE had a busy week. But so glad you were able to find a nice house to rent that will allow Alex some outside time without you having to scale 5 flights of stairs. Of course you will now have to suppliment your exercise program with walking around the yard since you won't be climbing that many steps anymore. But it will be worth it to have your own place. Can't wait to see the pictures. Ü

Anonymous said...

Hey there EVans family, it sounds as tho you are beginning to "arrive", baby steps at a time! So happy for you now that you have a yard. We actually have a little grass now so Jaz can walk in grass!! Oh yeah, he started walking at 8 months! Now I'm really tired. Waiting to hear your new address when you finish unpacking! Love all of you, Mimi