Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Before things got too crazy this week (nope, still not going there), Alex and I visited the park. It's much more enjoyable to go now that it's not so hot and the slides don't sizzle when your skin touches them.

First, we swinged. Swang. Swung...? Um, we played on the swings.

A always looks like he's about to blow chunks when he first starts to swing. Eventually he gets over it.

We played a little on the jungle gym, but parts of it were still too hot to touch.

So we moved over to the sandbox. Alex isn't sure what to think about the sand. He really hates when stuff sticks to his hands or feet and makes an "icky" face whenever it happens. Sand. Icky.

This particular park has a beautiful pond with a giant fountain in it, so after we played, we went over to look at the water. Or rather, Alex looked at the water while I looked at Alex through the camera.

Oooh, I just want to squeeze him 'til his head pops off.

On our way back to the car, A did some climbing. He's never met a chair or a dishwasher or a box or a table or a rock wall that he didn't want to climb.

I took one last picture of Alex's hands as he was climbing and realized that a) he has filthy dirty boy nails, and b) he has filthy dirty boy nails because his mom has left them too long, providing lots of room for filth and dirt to congregate.

After that, we went home and immediately began our search for the nail clippers.


Amy said...

The "icky" hands reaction might be a Tim thing-i.e. lotion.
The climbing every single thing he comes across is definitely a SARAH thing! HUH! The olden days...

Oliver said...

those "filthy-dirty-boy-nails" ain't got nothin' on Oliver's

grammy said...


Alison said...

I LOVE his shirt!