Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look at da baby

I've been busy packing our apartment (more on that later), and as I was organizing Alex's closet, he came across one of his old pacifiers. I think he only used his pacis for a couple of weeks, and he didn't really care for them much at that. But finding one now, as a big boy, was very exciting. I can't imagine he remembers having it, as it's probably been a year since then, but he knew right what to do with it.

He walked around with it in his mouth for about twenty minutes, got distracted by something, tossed it, and hasn't touched it since. Which is fine by me. Weaning a one year old off a paci is about the last thing I need to add to my lengthy To Do list. More on that later...

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Amy said...

Years from now he will find that picture and think he had a paci at 1 year old. Kind of like Nick finding the pictures of Rachel with earrings and wondering why we would do something like that to HIM.