Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat in the Hat

One thing (among many) that I forgot to mention in Alex's 22 month post is that he is waaay into drawing on his Magnadoodle; rather, he is waaay into demanding that other people draw on his Magnadoodle. So I spend half of my day drawing random things just so that he can erase them and make me draw something else.

On the occasions that he wants to draw something, it is usually just to modify something that I have drawn because apparently I don't do it right. In this case, I completely forgot that a cat never leaves home without one very important fashion accessory. But never fear, Alex immediately took the pen out of my hand, said "hat!", and drew this little swirly thing on top of my cat's head.

Yeah, we're really into Dr. Suess around here.

He has also been known to draw a face, with a little prompting by me. I'll draw the circle for the head and he'll fill in the rest as I name each part. He gets most of the parts in the right place and they sort of kind of resemble what those parts really look like, although he usually forgets that a face has two ears and eyes and not just one of each. The finished product is...well, let's just say he is giving Picasso a run for his money.


Amy said...

I am so so proud! Of Both of you! When can I hire him? I could use the help.
Kiss noise, ME

Jessica Magee said...

He's a very clever chap!