Thursday, May 21, 2009

nose goblins

A has recently discovered that his nostrils are finger-sized, and inconveniently, that discovery coincided with the arrival of his most recent ear infection. That means that he is up to his eyeballs in snot and goo, and according to Alex, the best way to remedy that problem is to remove the snot and goo manually. At least twice a day he comes to me with a giant green boogie stuck on the end of his outstretched finger and says, "nose!", to which I reply, "Don't wipe it on me!" and then run away screaming. Which just makes me wonder where all those boogers end up.

1 comment:

Amy said...

eeewwwww!!! SSAaaaaarrrraaaahhhh!!!
One does not discuss such...indelicate things! One gives the child "the look", scrubbs the heck out of them, lecturing constantly about cleanliness and Godliness until one is assured that said victim...I mean child has been made appropriately clean and miserable enough to make the Pavlovian connection to the event with the conclusion-That AIN'T worth it.
aaahhhh,...the olden days...:)