Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mom's Day '09

Note: Joy had brought to my attention that a bunch of Mom's Day pictures I thought I had uploaded to Flickr apparently didn't make it. I just added them, so you can take a look if you missed them the first time around. I mean, of course I have pictures of myself looking really rough on Mother's Day morning and Alex doing his Billy Idol impersonation. How could I possibly have forgotten to add those? Thanks Joy!

Umm, I'm just now getting around to posting about our trip to Eldo...on Mother's Day weekend. Like, a week and a half ago. Which means I'm a little shady on the details, so I'll just post a bunch of pics and you'll get the...picture.

One thing I don't have a picture of (thank God) was when we were about an hour outside of Dallas and Alex, who is working on his two-year molars and has a habit of sticking his fingers in the back of his mouth to see how his teeth-growing efforts are coming along, gagged himself and threw up three times, all over himself, his carseat, his blanket, Murphy's pillow, and his mom. Apparently the contents of a two-year old boy's stomach do not fit into the cupped hands of a twenty-nine year old woman.

After a feeble attempt to clean and fumigate the van at the nearest McDonald's, we got back on the road and spent the next four hours marinating in the stench of sour milk and...what was that stuff anyway...chicken nuggets?

Once in Eldo, A was fine and we spent the weekend with family, including Tim's cousin Amber and her husband Brad and four month old Davis. We got to watch Davis on Friday night when Amber and Brad when to cousin Ashley's college graduation, and during that time I realized that I have totally forgotten what to do with a four month old. But he was super sweet and patient with us and Alex loved playing with him.

Besides babysitting, Alex played on the swingset and got to pet Papa's chickens...well, he really preferred poking the chicken to petting it, and I don't know if you know this, but chickens LOVE when toddlers jab at them with their little pointy fingers.

On Saturday he rode the Wonderhorse a little too aggressively and it bucked him headfirst into the doorframe, hence the ugly knot on his forehead in some of the pictures. We had a fun fish fry at Mamaw's house, where A played with his new golf set and and was the co-center of attention (alongside co-star Davis). We left the party for a bit to go watch Rachel and Rebekah's dance recital, which Alex LOVED. Yes, my son has a thing for "dancing girls".

We had a great breakfast Sunday morning, courtesy of Grammy, and Alex showed his appreciation with a handmade Mother's Day gift. Apparently Alex has decided that all of his grandmother's will go by the name "B", which should not surprise anyone considering all the Granny B's and Grammys and Grannies and B's that we throw at him. Alex and his daddy gave me a sweet card and a "gift certificate" for a new cellphone because mine is never in less than three pieces at any given time.

We went to church on Sunday, had lunch, then hit the road back to Dallas. I adjusted Alex's carseat to where he is super reclined, which apparently is how it was supposed to be installed the first time, and he slept FOUR HOURS out of FIVE on the way home. I suppose that was his way of making up for the buckets-of-barf incident on the way there. Son, we appreciate the effort, but that hardly makes us even.


Joy said...

Are you kidding?? You didn't get any family pics on Mother's Day??? Or even a sweet pic with Mommy and Son???? And omg, that barf incident sounds icky...I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Blech.

Joy said...

yay, thanks!