Tuesday, May 19, 2009

deep thoughts: seasons

The sad thing about changing your child's wardrobe for the season is that you're not changing it for the season. You are changing it for ETERNITY. Your child will NEVER WEAR THOSE CLOTHES AGAIN. I'm sad because that means my child is growing up and I will never get that time back. I'm even sadder because I really loved that houndstooth sweater vest I found on sale at Baby Gap.


leah said...

don't be sad..think about the CUTE stuff Aunt Leah & Uncle Chris are sending his way!! :-)

Amy said...

Yes, remember all the stuff I tried to get you to wear for another year or two...Now ya know it wasn't just me "Not understanding" your fashion needs. Console yourself with the excitement of what is to come! Pretty soon he'll be saying- "Hey mom, wanna go shopping and then go out and get a bite to eat?"...Well, it COULD happen.