Monday, May 4, 2009

multiple choice

Alex is:
a) possessed by a demon
b) suffering from a severe chemical imbalance
c) up past his bedtime
d) all of the above

p.s. Do you notice how he shushes himself after every shriek? Originally I thought the answer was C, but B is starting to make more sense. If shushing yourself doesn't scream schizophrenia, I don't know what does...


grammy said...

I have no volume at work but I believe he is singing "Jesus Loves Me"? I'll play it again when I get home so I can hear him sing !! Just by looking at his sleepy little eyes, Grammy would say he is "c" up past his bedtime. Hugs and kisses !!!!!!!

Joy said...

Hahahahahahahaha, that was awesome! By the third scream I was dying laughing, and the "bed" at the end was hilarious. I do believe that boy was ready for bed :) SO cute, Sarah.

Chatter said...

That was hilarious!! I know it probably wasn't so funny for you. Poor guy, you could tell he was tired. I hope he gets a good night sleep!

Amy said...

Are ya worried about being out of a job? Who needs parents if you are going to shush yourself AND send yourself to bed?