Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Burns, Primms & Pumpkins

Before I talk about the Primms' visit, I should probably provide a little backstory as to why Alex looks like he lost a fight with a mountain lion.

I took him to my dermatologist because he had some little bumps in his armpit that I wanted her to look at, and she ended up diagnosing him with Molloscum, aka little bumps caused by a virus. He only had about five or six bumps, but she suggested we remove them right away so they wouldn't spread. She proceeded to describe the process of burning them off in front of Alex, repeating words like, "blister", "discomfort", and "bandaids" over and over, just in case we hadn't heard her the first six times. I think she thought she was speaking in code by avoiding words like "burn" or "hurt", but he's a three year old boy, not an idiot. He looked at me with panic in his eyes when she approached him with the cotton swab and the bottle of acid, and we ended up having to hold him still while she tried to dab the spots. We didn't hold him still enough because he got loose and smacked the vial out of the doctor's hand and the acid spilled all over his body. The doctor visibly panicked, pulled out tiny alcohol swabs and tried to wipe the acid off of him. She immediately sent us home so I could give him a bath before the acid had a chance to "activate". I bathed him right away and assumed we had thwarted disaster.

Disaster struck four hours later, when Alex woke from his nap, screaming bloody murder, with tons of giant, pus-filled blisters all over his side and under his arm. Blisters continued to develop in all of places where the acid had splashed, and the only thing we could do to manage his pain was children's Tylenol and Motrin. Loooong story short, the next five hours were the worst five hours I have spent with Alex since he was born. Talk about heart-breaking. It wasn't until a day or two later that I realized how lucky we were that it didn't splash in his eyes or on Isaac, who was just a couple feet away. I can't express how grateful I am that it wasn't worse.

And the kicker? She managed to splash acid everywhere except for on the bumps that we were trying to remove so we're supposed to take him back in three weeks. Pa-shah.

I suppose all of that drama deserved a post of its own, but who has the time? Plus, a tragic story like that needs to be followed by good news, and the good news is that the Primms were en route to our house while all of this was going on. They arrived late that night, and we let Alex stay up to greet the boys. It actually worked out great because having them there helped take Alex's mind off of his injury.

While they were here, we had a cookout, let the boys run around the backyard, and went to the Arboretum. I got the Primm boys capes with their initials on them and liked them so much that I got Alex one, too. Here are the superheros in action.

The Arboretum was so busy on Saturday that we had to park a mile away and have the bus shuttle us in. The bumpy bus ride was an added bonus for the boys.

Fall at the Arboretum is always fun. The boys loved the pumpkin house, the hay maze, and the frog fountain.

I think Sullivan was happy to have Isaac around because that meant he was one of the "big boys".

As fun as the Arboretum was, it's always nice just to hang around the house, too.

Their visit ended too soon, but we were so happy that they came and so grateful for the much-needed diversion.


grammy said...

Memries !!!!!!!!

Mrs. Fellers said...

Don't even know what to say! Poor Alex. So glad he is doing better...I know my heart would have broken to see that happen to one of my kiddos!