Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Me

I turned 31 last month. Allegedly. I think 31st birthdays are pretty lame in general, considering they follow The Big 3-0, and I had so many things going on last month that I hardly remembered I was having a birthday at all. I mean, it's pretty sad when you only know it's your birthday because Facebook tells you so.

But lucky me, I got the best birthday present ever when my mom decided to come visit, and then I was all, turning 31 rocks!! I took lots more pictures during this visit than usual because I also got a new flash for my camera from my hubs, and a diffuser and flash photography book from my sis. I am still trying to figure it out, as you will notice in the pics I am about to post, but I think it makes a huge difference in the quality of light. I don't totally hate to take pictures indoors now. Speedlite 430EX II, how do I love thee...?

Back to business. Clearly Alex didn't bother to clean his room for B's visit.

Alex and B baked me some birthday brownies, and Lord have mercy, those were the best brownies I've ever had in my life. I have a feeling they didn't substitute applesauce for oil in those puppies.

Alex also helped me blow out the candles, although I think he was more interested in getting his hands on those brownies than giving his mama a hand.

And here's what Isaac was doing during our birthday celebration.

Alex always has tons of fun playing with his B. I think it's because they have the same maturity level.

And here's what Alex does when I tell him to smile for the camera. I wonder what he'd do if I told him to act like a big goober for the camera...Does reverse psychology work on 3 year olds?

B also got a little one-on-one time with Isaac while Alex was at school.

We didn't do a whole lot other than hang at the house together, which is A-OK with me. A little down time is a rarity these days!

I don't know why, but I laugh out loud every time I see this picture.

And I smile every time I see this one.

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momboe said...

ooohhhh!! I am so glad we are on our way to visit or I'd have to jump in the car...and well...come visit again after reading that blog.
I was feeling rather guilty that I didn't have a giant packaged gift with a beautiful shiny bow (cause I know how you like the wrapping) but you made me feel much better about it. The pictures are GREAT! I hope I can learn some of you girls mad skills on that! Tracy didn't even recognize Isaac in a picture I took at "your birthday party"!!
He was like- who is that light haired child? Last time he saw Isaac he had dark hair!
Can't wait! Kisses