Sunday, October 17, 2010

Isaac... four months old today.
...coos so loudly that he has been nicknamed, "Loudy Loudy" by his big brother Alex, aka King of the Loudy Loudies.

...responds to Isaac, Isey, Isey Pisey, Baby, Babycakes, Sweetie Pie, Stinky Winky, and Loudy Loudy.
...tolerates tummy time, but doesn't love it.

...could land a 747 on his lower lip when he pouts.

...only cries when he is really really hungry, when he's really really tired, or when Alex bonks him in the head with a plastic golf club. Or a ball. Or his foot... willing to risk being repeatedly bonked in the head if it means he gets to be near his big brother. on his lips when he's tired.

...eats 8 ozs. 4 times a day.
...usually sleeps from 7 to 7.
...usually takes 3 naps a day.
...will fall asleep anywhere but prefers to sleep in his crib.

...plays with toys.
...will grab his bottle and ram it into his face if I don't put it in his mouth fast enough.
...can blow raspberries.

...has an innocent heart murmur.
...might have to wear a helmet to fix his lopsided head.
...has such a cute face, you won't even notice he's wearing a helmet.

...likes to hang out in his walker.
...can move his walker backwards.
...could teach his brother a thing or two about relaxing.

...weighs about 16 1/2 pounds, but it's more like 16 1/2 pounds of bricks than 16 1/2 pounds of feathers.

...takes his bath in a pool float.

...has learned to suck on his fingers.

...doesn't have much hair left.

...can usually be found in his jumperoo, his bouncy seat, his walker, or on his play mat.

...has blue eyes.

...can be serious.

...smiles a lot.

...giggles when I kiss his second chin.

...has a dimple in his first one.


Rachel said...

So cute. And very nice lighting. I would say you've taken to the flash like a bird to wing. Yay!

grammy said...

Well I'm sorry, but I've just got to come back. Yeah I know I was just there this weekend, but after seeing these pics and getting a few hugs and kisses from this "angel", I need some one on one time w/Isaac. So, see you soon:) Luv Grammy
P.S. But just let me say, there is nothing like Alex and Charlee needing their Grammy - Makes my heart go pitter patter ::::::))))))

Laura said...

So cute!