Monday, February 12, 2007

Before They Were Stars: Sarah Jane Boettcher

With all this talk about what our baby might be like, we thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and discuss what Timothy and I were like when we were a bit younger. Knowing it might be difficult for some of you to imagine Timothy and I as anything other than the wise and mature adults that we are today, I have taken the liberty of including some visual aids to help you all understand where we are coming from.

Name: Sarah Jane Boettcher (little princess)
Born: Monday, September 24, 1979
Time: 8:27pm
Where: Proctor Hospital, Peoria, IL

Weight: 7lbs. 13ozs.
Length: 20 inches
Hair: dark brown (and lots of it, with cowlicks!)
Eyes: blue

Notice the "crib" - yes folks, that's a cardboard box that the hospital is sending the newborn baby home in. It's hard to complain about the quality of healthcare today when they used to send babies home in a container previously used to transport syringes or store produce in the hospital cafeteria.

Current events:

World - Iran Crisis
Local - Caterpillar strike
President - Jimmy Carter

Popular entertainers: Robin Williams, Billy Joel
Fashions & fads: straight leg jeans, punk rock, disco

BTW, isn't my mom gorgeous?! This is about two weeks after giving birth, mind you. I'm really praying that those genes have been passed on. Love the Farrah Fawcett 'do, mom!!

The one below is of my mom and her mom, whom I know as "Mommo". Although she died when I was only four, Mommo has left me with many great memories of our times together. In fact, I think she taught me my first swear word (I won't mention it here) which, needless to say, mom wasn't thrilled about. But if mom didn't mind, it wouldn't have been as fun to say!!

Kicks vigorously: since birth
Raises head and holds it up: 1 week
Smiles: 2 weeks
Discovers own voice, coos, and babbles: 3 weeks
Recognizes mother and father: 1 1/2 months
Discovers hand and feet: 3 months
Laughs: 3 months
Creeps: 3 1/2 months
Picks up and handles objects: 3 1/2 months
Sits without support: 5 1/2 months
Imitates sound and motions: 6 months
Pulls self up and stands alone: 6 1/2 months

I have heard that a baby usually loses its hair at some point, then it eventually grows back in. I don't guess I went through that phase, and if so, there aren't any pictures of it.

Everyone that sees this picture says, "Gee, you're gonna have a (insert euphemism for "fat" here) baby." Vicki liked this one in particular because the pose is very similar to one of Timothy in a wagon that you'll see later on.

p.s. my daddy built the "toy buggy" you see in the background. I am currently commissioning him ( he will be paid in hugs and thank you's) to build some custom furniture for 2B...

Notice the completely exposed electrical socket - sans any fancy socket hole plugger-upper device - within arms reach of 9 month old baby. Somehow I managed to survive childhood without being electrocuted, suffering any broken bones, needing stitches, or baby CPR. Go figure...

I did, however, spend much of my babyhood with a runny, snotty nose. Constant colds seemed to be my only ailment. Nonetheless, I was described by my mother as:

"The best baby in the world! Loves fruit, people, pianos, and green veggies. Very outgoing and jolly. The nurses love her hair!"

That's about the extent of Sarah's story. Stay tuned for the next installment of Before They Were Stars featuring Timothy Lloyd Evans.


Kittra said...

Sarah I think you should start writing books!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Rachel said...

We agree Kit! I think that after 2B is born, you should get this blog published. I think it would be very popular with people thinking about becoming parents, soon-to-be parents, new parents, old parents, grandparents, the list goes on and on. Think it over. I never get tired of reading your blog, and always look forward to the next installment!

Kittra said...

Oh by the way 2B is kind of growing on me as a name. Look at it this way it 2B could be a Boy name as well as a girl name. You could spell it Twobee, Toobe, Toobee, ok so maybe I'm crazy but, after reading all these blogs, and emails I think it would fit rather well. Anyway it will stick in my mind forever. So I will be a Great Aunt-in-law 2B, that sounds cool!!!!!

Auntie Rachel said...

The pictures turned out great! Better than the originals! How did you do that? You were just as cute then as you are now! Learn now, there is no such thing as too many baby pictures!!!!
Baby shower in Peoria is May 12th 2-5pm. Boys play poker while the girls shower!!! Everyone is welcome!

Auntie Rachel said...

OOOPppppsss!!! This is Amy! I wrote under Rachel's account! I'm using her blonde moment for the day!:)