Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Karate Kid

I have been feeling weird sensations for quite some time now that I was attributing to baby 2B, like large schools of small fish flopping around in my belly. But I had yet to have the infamous "AHA" moment that all my post-preggo friends had prepared me for - the moment I would know for absolute sure that the baby was moving around in there. However, a couple of days ago I was walking down the hall and suddenly felt like someone had landed a good, swift kick to my gut - from the inside, that is.

"AHA!" I said.

And thus concludes the description of my "AHA" moment.


Oliver said...

Yay!! I told you that you would "just know" - you just have to wait for it :) So glad your "AHA" moment finally came!

leah said...

You go baby "2B"!! You know any kid of yalls would not be quiet and still for long!! Gotta make a grand entrance!!!

Auntie Rachel said...

There must be an innate knowledge of Tae Kwon Do in little 2B. Nick's record of achieving a black belt by the age of seven is gonna be shattered if 2B is training in utero.