Saturday, February 17, 2007

Should Our Powers Unite...

Now that Timothy and I have revisited our own childhood years, we thought it would be fun to find out what our baby really might look like if we were to combine the features that we're likely to pass on.

As such, we recently sent in $200 to, a service that takes the prominent features of each parent and morphs them into a single image of a child.

According to MorphBaby, if we were to have a male child, there is a 99% chance he would grow up to look like this (scroll down):

I think he gets his hair from Timothy. And probably my lips.

Of course, if we have a baby girl, the genes will be assigned differently. The resulting child, per the experts at MorphBaby, will eventually look something like this (scroll down):

This time, the hair is more likely to be my contribution. The "pecs" however, I cannot take credit for.

Of course, these predictions are based solely on appearance, not taking into account intelligence levels or personality traits (obviously). According to a quiz from, if Timothy and I were to combine the powers of our intellect, the resulting child would likely bear the intelligence levels of someone like (scroll down):

Actually, the technicians at BabyBrain were unable to complete an accurate assessment. Apparently when their computer attempts to calculate intelligence levels that are too high, the system shuts down and has to be reconfigured.

A personality test, however, did produce some interesting results. The folks at have informed us that, based on the varied personality traits of Timothy and I, our baby will possess select characteristics from each of the following (scroll down):

The humor of Chris Rock
"You supposed to take care of yo' kids. Whatchoo want, a cookie?"

The household sensibilities of Martha Stewart. Pre-prison, of course.

The fashion sense of infamously wacky, yet incredibly successful designer Betsey Johnson (we share a love for bright colors and animal prints).

It's The Godfather. What more do I have to say...

It's Jesus. What more do I have to say...

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leah said...

Okay one thought....if that is what Tim's son is going to look like, then either a.)you need to get your money back or b.) sarah has been spending wayyyy to much time with the mailman!! :) J/K
I love this blog!!! Chris Rock is right on the money!