Saturday, February 10, 2007

Five Months: Not a Beer Gut

Twenty down, twenty to go!! I am officially halfway through this pregnancy, and so far it has been fairly uneventful. I guess as far as pregnancies go, that is a good thing. Hopefully the remaining five months will go just as smoothly, and I will be able to look back at this whole experience with fondness and joy...

I think I have completely lost perspective on what my belly looked like before, because I am having great difficulty determining whether I am big or small, growing or shrinking, fatter or more pregnant... I seem to be fitting into my maternity clothes a little better, so that should be an indication. I don't have complete faith in the accuracy of my $19.99 digital scale from Target, so I do not feel comfortable disclosing my weight gain up to this point. But suffice it to say that I am confident that I have made up for the one pound discrepancy from my last doctor's appointment (and some). I did measure my waist, which is now 34.5 inches, up 2.5 inches since last month. So I guess I'm growing.

But fatter or more pregnant is still up for debate... Still don't have the "hard belly" thing yet. Yup, still kinda doughy. It's bigger and rounder than it was before, but doesn't really look like a pregnant belly to me. But as evidenced by my ultrasounds, the growing thing inside me is definitely the source of my bigness. Check out the difference between ultrasound 1 (from December 28) and ultrasound 2 (from January 26):


leah said...

Definitely bigger.........and cuter!! Look at that cute baby in there.......whooo hooo!!!! :)

grammy said...

Growing but that's a good thing. Amy, look at that preciouse profile on our Baby 2B. That is one beautiful baby!