Thursday, February 15, 2007

Before They Were Stars: Timothy Lloyd Evans

Name: Timothy Lloyd Evans
Born: July 20, 1979
Time: 3:14am
Where: Union Medical Center, El Dorado, AR

Weight: 9lbs. 1/2ozs.
Length: 22 inches
Hair: light brown
Eyes: dark blue

Ain't he precious. Even back then he was throwing gang signs...

News headlines: Heads Are Rolling, Mayor Kidnapped!

Political figures:
President - Jimmy Carter
Governor - Bill Clinton

Best Movies of the Year: Rocky II - The Main Event, Animal House, Meatballs
Popular TV Shows: Mork & Mindy, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Taxi

He still makes this face when I ask him to fold laundry. Some things never change...

Raises head and holds it up: since birth
Smiles: 5 weeks
Sleeps all night: 8 weeks
Turns over: 2 months
Laughs: 2 months
Discovers hand and feet: 2 1/2 months
Recognizes mother and father: 3 months
Says "bye-bye": 4 months
Sits without support: 4 months
Imitates sound and motions: 6 months
Pulls self up: 7 1/2 months
Crawls: 8 months
Tee-tees in potty chair and flushes the commode: 8 months

Am I the only one that thinks that Timothy looks exactly the same now as he did then?

This is the aforementioned pic that bears an uncanny resemblance to the one of me in front of the toy buggy. Although I was a bit more of an exhibitionist than he was. Or maybe I'm the only one whose mother intentionally took hordes of naked baby pictures in order to prepare for my insolent teenage years (blackmail was my mother's ingenious way of dealing with my siblings and I when we would act out in high school - i.e. "talk back one more time and the whole senior class gets to see how cute your little tush was.")

Oh wait, I spoke too soon!! Looks like Vicki has got some ammo of her own!! Thank goodness I got my hands on it (pun not intended). Better not let Timothy get his hands on it (pun intended). When Leah got her hands on it (not going there), she adorned it with a post-it note that read, "He still does this!" Hey, she said it, not me.

According to his mother, Timothy was:

"...a beautiful baby who did not look like he weighed 9 pounds. He was a quiet baby with a beautiful complexion who enjoyed being outside and playing Peek-a-Boo. He was so sweet."

p.s. None of the information shared in either Before They Were Stars entries has been fabricated. With the exception of the obviously editorial commentary provided by this author, the subject matter contained within each installment was cited directly from the baby books of the respective parties as accurately documented by the mothers of the respective parties.


leah said...

I love the fact that moms comment was he didnt look like he weighed 9lbs........yeah he looked like 11 or so...hehe j/k Tim!!!! Hopefully the baby will be a good mix of the two of you...okay well maybe more like Sarah. You were a much cuter baby!!! Although it would be great to have some of Tims incredibly ridiculous looking faces! :) G-ma doesnt know it yet, but I made the "rear-end" shot her wallpaper on her desktop!!! Hehe she'll love that!!!! Gotta share the pics :)

grammy said...

These two articles are great!!!! I have shared this blog with so many people. I just can't wait for the "BIG DAY" to welcome 2B into this world and the fun you will have writing in his/her Baby Book.