Monday, February 5, 2007

Post-Preggo Shout-Out: Joy Primm

I just want to take a sec to mention my dear friend Joy Primm, who has been so encouraging and supportive throughout the course of my pregnancy thus far. Although she doesn't technically qualify for a "Preggo Shout-Out" at this very moment (that I know of), she is a terrific mom and friend that deserves a special shout-out of her very own.

Joy is married to Seth Primm, one of Timothy's best pals since birth. Seth is an all around awesome guy, so it was no surprise when he found an equally awesome girl to spend his life with. A few short years later, Oliver Franklin was born and the Primms were instantaneously launched into the exhilarating world of parenthood. Since then, Joy has taken motherhood by storm, fending off fevers and dirty diapers with her bare hands. As a result, little Oliver is one of the happiest (cutest, smartest, most well-dressed, etc...) little dudes you've ever had the pleasure to be around.

So when my turn came, I was aware that I would have good friends around that had recently experienced what I was about to go through. Admittedly, I was a little anxious knowing that I would be following a lead rather than forging a path of my own. I had always been of the frame of mind that I could figure things out for myself and would rather struggle through a tough situation than to bare my weaknesses by asking someone else how they did it. However, I soon came to the realization that now was not the time to be proud, but rather, to let my guard down and accept the help being offered to create the best situation for the baby, Timothy, and myself.

Fortunately, Joy has been just the person to make that easy for me. Knowledgeable and sincere, she is always willing to give endless advice without pushing her own agenda, being sure to disclaim each phrase with, "Now this is just what I did. Do what you think is right for you." She has helped to me be strong and convicted, urging me not to worry about what other people might think or about whether I am doing things the way others think they should be done. Her words have convinced me that I am, in a sense, forging my own individual path regardless of all the people that have done this before in that each of my experiences will be unique.

Further, Joy's honesty and willingness to share her anxieties and struggles have really helped to prepare me for what is to come (or to reassure me about things that have already happened). Whether it be physical, mental, or emotional woes, Joy is always straightforward and willing to discuss whatever ails me, even if she is exposing herself in the process. She and Seth both have been very generous and open, helping Timothy and I be a little more prepared for the changes that we will experience. For this (and more), we are so grateful to have the two of them around to share this with us.
And the icing on the cake: Seth and Joy recently asked us to be Godparents for their precious son Oliver, a gesture that is so meaningful, the extent to which I cannot describe in words. Not only do they recognize how much we love them and him, they also have the faith in the type of parents that we can become that they would entrust the love of their life to our care. They didn't even threaten to rescind the offer when Timothy stipulated that Oliver must refer to him at all times as The Godfather. But seriously folks, there is no better compliment than that for a future parent and we are so proud to have them as part of our extended family.

Okay, so it was more of a minute than a sec, but hopefully I've expressed how precious the Primms are to us and how appreciative we are that we've been able to spend this time growing even closer to them and to Oliver (and to reap the benefits of their vast wisdom).

Thanks Primms! We love you guys so much!!

p.s. Check out my Flick'r site for more pics of Oliver and family.


Auntie Rachel said...

I am glad you have such a great friend. They are lucky to have you guys too. Love ya!

Oliver said...

Thanks for the wonderful shout-out! We love you guys so much and are so thankful that Tim chose the University of Arkansas for law school. This time with you is such a gift.

Amy said...

Hey-What does that make me? Am I the Godgrandmother? GodGrammy? Hmmm...
TheGGma? Dang, he sure is a cute little fella. Well, of course he is! He's part of the family now!
An extended hug and thanks for making my kids soooooo happy.
Kiss noise to Ya'll