Saturday, February 3, 2007

Preggo Shout-Out: Shara Manning

This preggo shout-out goes to Shara Manning of Lowell, AR. Shara is a good friend I met through our community group, along with her sweet hubby Chad. Shara and Chad are expecting their first baby on June 23 - just one week before our little one is slated to arrive!! What's even more ironic is that we met in the very same community group that I referred to in my shout-out to Robin Most. What are the chances that the three of us - Robin, Shara, and myself - would all be due within two weeks of each other!?

Anyway, Shara and I embarked on a serious shopping excursion this past weekend, getting some much needed fuel at T.G.I.Friday's before hitting every maternity store in Northwest Arkansas. Literally. In fact, we even spent a lot of time in non-maternity stores bragging to sales clerks about how we had timed our pregnancies so perfectly that we were able to capitalize on the empire-waisted fashion craze that made shopping in regular stores possible. We had so much fun sharing pregnancy stories and baby stories and finding great deals on cute clothes.

Thanks for the fun weekend, Shara! Next paycheck, we'll do round 2!!

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Oliver said...

You girls are so cute! Sarah, I think you are the most fashionable girl I know, so pregnant you have the cutest clothes! I'm gonna need your help next time...

Love, Joy