Monday, March 5, 2007

Family Fun

Vicki and Leah (aka Grammy and Auntie) came up this past weekend and we had loads of fun. They rode up in the "Grammy Mobile", Vicki's new Nissan Murano (a result of trading in her precious 350Z in lieu of a more "baby friendly" vehicle). It's no Z, but a very sweet ride, nonetheless...

We slept in Saturday morning and I had to tear myself away from the America's Next Top Model Marathon playing on MTV2 (normally I don't leave the house when an ANTM Marathon is on - thank God for Tivo) so we could go get manis and pedis. I know, how very "girlie" of us.

We met Tim for lunch (mmmm, Penguin Ed's), then began a short but fruitful shopping excursion. We made stops at Once Upon a Child, Babies and Beyond, Old Navy, and attempted to check out Three Monkeys on the square but got there just after they had closed. We had a yummy dinner at Noodles, then headed home to watch as many ANTM episodes that we could manage before passing out (btw Vicki, Danielle won after all. Little Rock, represent!!)

We met up with Seth and Joy at church Sunday morning. Alex seemed to be enjoying the service, so much so that Leah was able to feel him moving about during the last song. He must've worked up quite an appetite because he told me he needed some pancakes. So we, along with Seth, Joy, Oliver, Seth's brother Scott and his family had to go to the Cracker Barrel so Alex could get his pancake fix. Afterwards, Leah and Vicki headed back to Eldo in the Grammy Mobile, Timothy headed to the library, and I headed to the bedroom for a nap.


leah said...

We had so much fun this always! Tell Alex, Auntie said thanks again for the little kick! :) And go Danielle!!! See, all of us Arkansan's arent hicks.....just most of us! :) Oh and tell Murph that Elle had lots of fun "playing" with him, but she does have a little headache from the barking! hehe..j/k! Cant wait to see you (and that growing belly) again soon.................oh wait and the "chosen one" I almost forgot about him, he's loosing rank so quickly!

lauradday said...

Mark made me guess whose toes belonged to who! Too funny! You look gorgeous pregnant, Sarah! And Tim you are looking very fatherly! ha ha.