Thursday, March 1, 2007

Preggo Shout-Out: Abigail Weems

And baby makes three! This shout-out goes to Abigail Weems of Hamilton, AL. Abbey is a buddy of ours from Eldo, a good friend whom these days we only get to see on rare occasions. Abbey is married to Steven Weems and they have two little darlings, Luke, 3, and Emma Grace, 1. They are expecting their third, another girl to be named Lauren Elizabeth, later this month.

Even back in the day, Abbey had always talked about wanting to be a mom. Obviously she has made that dream come true - three times over! - and we can see that she's completely gotten the hang of it. Way to go Abbey! Good luck with baby #3!

1 comment:

Weems World said...

you are so sweet to post a "preggo shout out"
I would post a recent pic of myself, but I only have 14 more days and the swelling is disastrous!
I love the name Alexander, it is Luke's middle name-very distinguished!
You are a darling pregnant person, i miss the days before "oh you look miserable, are you overdue?"
Keep posting, I love keeping track!
Love, Abbey