Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Special Delivery

So Alex got his very first piece of mail from Grandma Boettcher the other day. Hmmm, we wondered, what might be in there? Being that Alex has not yet developed the dexterity in his appendages required to open a piece of mail, further complicated by the fact that his hands are still in utero, we decided that it was probably okay for us to act as his agents and open the package for him.

Turns out, my mom had executed our cardinal rule of clothes shopping flawlessly (for those of you who have already forgotten, the rule is if Timothy would wear it, Alex will wear it). The package contained this adorable outfit, complete with tiny camo pants, a bright orange onesie, and a matching camo hat. Totally Timothy. You nailed it mom! Way to go!!


grammy said...

Hey Amy, love the outfit. I think Timothy has a pair of shorts just like these so now if we can find him an orange onesie that will fit him, he and Alex can be "twinkies". I really liked seeing Alexander L. Evans on the envelope. Good idea!!!!!!!!

Weems World said...

cute, cute! Have you started on Baby Alex's room yet? Then you can start laying stuff out when you get it, way fun!

Weems World said...

ps-I'm having Baby Lauren tomorrow.