Monday, March 19, 2007

Whatta Weekend

We had an eventful weekend past that included cleaning out Alex's room, rearranging the computer room, organizing the garage, and spending some good quality time with our bestest of friends.

Yeeaahhhh, turns out emptying Alex's room was not quite as fun as I had anticipated. This room was previously being used as a makeshift guest room, consisting of a twin size trundle bed and a large bookshelf. Our mission was to completely remove any trace of non-Alex related paraphernalia from this room. Sounds easy enough. However, when combined with Phase II of this project (aka rearranging the computer room), this simple task soon became one of enormous complexity.

Although generally referred to as the "computer room", a more accurate moniker for the space would be the "computer/sewing/drafting/filing/piles of law paper waiting to be filed/piles of books waiting to be shelved/magazine scattered/art supply housing/sometimes guest quarters/place where things without a room end up" room. Needless to say, attempting to sort out myriad assorted piles of random junk while simultaneously incorporating the contents of Alex's room was no piece of cake. But somehow, between arguments, breaks, and naps, Timothy and I managed to empty Alex's room and reduce the clutter in the "computer room" to a manageable level.

By that point, I politely excused myself from the garage organizing portion of the project and went upstairs to do some laundry. Thankfully, Timothy took the garage head on and our combined efforts resulted in a clean baby room and a semi-clean computer room and garage.

As you can see, Alex's room is now prepared for all of the fun baby things that he/we will need. He has acquired a single bookshelf from the computer room that will accommodate his baby monitor, a plethora of books, and a limited amount of baby-related cha-cha (as much as I can bear, which is very little...)

Look at all the room for clothes! Alex and I might be fighting for closet space before long...

After all this hard work on Saturday, we were very excited to spend some quality time with our friends. After church Sunday morning, we and the Reeves and the Primms headed up to the Shoppes at Pinnacle Hills (aka fancy outdoor mall in Rogers) and had a yummy lunch at Fish City.

It was a beautiful day, so after lunch we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and ended up doing some shopping. Although sleepy after an exciting morning, Oliver was a good sport and let us dress him up and take pictures. Here he is looking p*mp in a seersucker hat.

The big boys took the little boys to the Razorback Shop while the girls ran to look at shoes, and when we got back we found them demonstrating their Hog spirit.

Eventually, most of the gang pooped out but I managed to rope Joy into shopping with me for a bit longer. It was so much fun and very fruitful to boot, as I added several fun dresses to my itty bitty teeny tiny maternity wardrobe...

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leah said...

Well Im glad Tim finally helped you get that room cleaned out!! Its about time!!! The picture with all you guys is real cute, but Oliver looks quite freaked the modeling picture of him though!!! And Seth with the lunchbox, well he looks umm, for lack of a nicer word, happy!!! Glad you got to go shopping for some more clothes! Cant wait to see you guys!!! PS. I bought some more outfits to add to that closet, so by the time we all get done there may not be any room for your clothes in there!! :)