Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Return of Alien Baby

So I'm a little freaked out, because not only can I feel Alex moving around - I can literally see him doing it. I was lying on my back watching TV, which, depending on the degree of inclination, can be quite challenging as my evergrowing gut often impedes my view. I was alternating between What Not to Wear reruns and the Food Network when I noticed a slight movement in my peripheral vision, accompanied by the familiar sensation of being kicked from the inside. I starting watching my bump closely, and every few seconds, a particular area of my abdomen would jut out as a result of being struck. Yikes! Immediately, scenes from Alien came to mind, where Kane notices odd movements in his belly and begins thrashing about until a nasty little creature bursts through his stomach and runs around the room.

Okay, so maybe I'm being overdramatic. It is weird though.


Oliver said...

SO fun - enjoy it! :) Wait until he does serious flips in there and you and Tim both have your hands on your stomach, wide-eyed, looking at each other going, "woah"...or maybe that has already happened...I remember some of that fairly late in the game...wild stuff, I tell you :)

Auntie Rachel said...

Well, you should expect for him to have a particularly strong kick. It's in the genes. I would also expect him to be stubborn, competetive, fun-loving, kind hearted, a little obnoxious, and to have a belly laugh to rival Santa. That's in the genes too ; )