Wednesday, March 28, 2007


You may be wondering what's in the box. No, it is not a fishnet stocking clad lamp with fringed shade for the front window. Good guess though. Alex's crib arrived today! Vicki ordered our crib online and Timothy went and picked it up while I was at work. After adding some items to our registry at Walmart, we spent a good chunk of the evening assembling the darn thing. Somehow we managed to put it together without screaming or throwing unassembled crib parts at one another.

One of the biggest differences between how Timothy and I would approach a project such as this is that he's what you might call an "instructions reader" while I rely more on common sense and tend to subscribe to the "winging it" method.
Here you can see how Timothy has carefully laid out each wood screw, machine bolt, and barrel nut and organized them into their respective piles before proceeding with the assembly.

I cannot complain, however, because it was done correctly in the end. The mattress and bedding are both en route, so if nothing else, Alex will soon have somewhere to sleep.


grammy said...

Sarah, all I can say is he is his father's child. You were both smiling, that's a good thing and the bed looks good!! Can't wait to see it.

Oliver said...

Yayyyy!!! It looks so good! I love it. I know it is so much fun for you guys to be getting things set up in Alex's room. What a fun process this is! And I must admit - Seth and I are opposite of you guys - I'm the instructions reader in the family, so I bonded with Tim in this post :)
Love to all,

Weems World said...

I love the bed, and finishing with no extra screws etc. is an accomplishment in itself. Sarah, you look so cute, and Tim you're cute too!

leah said...

Auntie Leah is back in town!!! YEAH!!!! And I come bearing gifts (for Alex)!!!! I had to do some catching up tonight on my reading!! The bed looks good and that defintely looks like something dad would do with all those screws!! Hope you guys didnt miss me too much this week!!!! :) And by the way.....Mickey Mouse says hey!!!

Amy said...

OOOOOhhhh!!! I can't wait to see Alex's room in person! And you! I'm gonna try to go borrow a dollar to play (and win) the lottery so we can go shopping when I get there!