Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wish List

Now that our baby has an identified gender and a name by which to call him, it is time we start thinking about all the stuff he is going to need once he arrives.

With multiple baby showers appearing on the horizon, proper registration becomes a critical component in the "get everything the baby will need" category. Anyone who knows me at all knows that shopping is an activity - nay, a responsibility that I take very seriously. That said, we have carefully chosen the avenues by which our friends and family can contribute to Alex's well-being while simultaneously satisfying any shopping addictions that may exist.

With kinfolk spread so far and wide, we have taken the liberty of registering at several locations to ensure that everyone who would like to spoil our unborn child can do so easily, without having to travel to the ends of the earth. This past weekend, we tripped to the nearest Babies 'R' Us in Tulsa, where we played with lots of fun gadgets and somehow managed to create a pretty decent registry.

Here are some visuals of our adventure:

He really could use one of these. We registered for two - one for baby, one for Dad.

Timothy trying out the Chicco travel system that we fell in love with. Very gadgety and easy to push around. Looks cool, too.

Here I am testing the "carrier" portion of the travel system. Kinda heavy, but that's what mommy muscles are for (you should see my mom's guns...).

So the Bjorn was un peu complique. Timothy hopes to get one for Alex to hang in while he does his homework (while Alex does Timothy's homework, that is).

This is the umbrella stroller we picked. We collapsed it, which was a cinch, but took ten minutes and two sales associates to help us reopen it. So it takes some practice...

Needless to say, by the end of the day we were both beat. Timothy found a glider that he really liked, although I think anything would've sufficed at that moment.

In addition to Babies 'R' Us, we have created registries at Target, Walmart (yes Eldoradeans, that one's especially for you), and an online registry at www.findgift.com. Although Babies 'R' Us and Target stores may be difficult for some of you to patronize, many of the products we've selected can be purchased directly from their websites, for which we will be providing a permanent link in the left-hand column of this blog.

FYI, FindGift is a slightly different beast than our other registries. With a few exceptions that you will find under the "Alex Must-Have" heading, we consider this to be more of a wish list than a registry in that it contains what some might consider "wants" as opposed to "needs". The registry process has brought to our attention the extreme level of pickiness that both Timothy and I possess, and we would not burden you, our beloved friends and family, with having to determine whether what you have selected meets our criteria.

This is especially pertinent in the area of apparel. Our basic rule of thumb is, if Timothy would wear it, Alex will wear it. For you logicians out there, assume the inverse to also be true. That is, if Timothy wouldn't wear it, Alex won't wear it. If you happen to be shopping and you have a sudden moment of panic trying to decide whether the item you've selected will be acceptable per these guidelines, attempt to remain calm and complete this simple exercise:

Step 1: Examine the garment in question and make a mental list of its main features.

Step 2:
Ask yourself (outloud or in your head - whatever makes you more comfortable), "Would Timothy wear fuzzy yellow footsy pajamas with a large bunny's head, including googly eyes and floppy ears, appliqued over undulating letters that read 'hippity hop, hippity hop?"

Step 3:
If the answer is "no", (and FYI, the answer in this case would be "no"), then carefully return the garment to the rack from whence it came and continue your shopping, repeating this exercise as necessary. If "yes", proceed to the counter with said garment and complete the transaction.

Simple enough, right?

Anyway, we will continue to amend these registries as time goes on, so you may want to check occasionally to see if anything new has been added or removed before you decide to purchase something. We'd like to add a great big thank you in advance to anyone who intends on donating to the Baby Alex fund, regardless of whether those intentions are carried out. We are firm believers in the notion that "it's the thought that counts", and despite our myriad registries and strict criteria, we would appreciate if thoughts and prayers were the only gifts that we receive as we prepare for Alex's arrival.


leah said...

Okay here we go! a.)I (ofcourse) LOVE all the green things on the registry!!! b.) Tim looks good pushing the stroller however having a pencil behind his ear could be potentially dangerous for my little Alex, should Tims ankles give out while walking....which being an Evans child that could definetly happen!!!! c.) Im not at all surprised Tim was all caught up in the carrier....thats way too simple for him!! d.)I personally can see Tim wearing some blue dress shorts with a Easter sweater, complete with bunnies and eggs!! dont you think???

leah said...

Okay one more thing...i just went to the findgift website.....its a good thing there isnt room for comments on there......CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! love it all!!!! Not only as an Auntie, but as a therapist....good choices...way to build and regulate that sensory system!!!!

Oliver said...

Okay, Tim - remember how you were telling me that there were only huge bibs at Babies 'R' Us? Well, look at that top picture, and look right behind your head...there are the normal sized "day-of-the-week" bibs. Maybe you weren't looking very hard?!?
Love the registries, and love this post. You are hilarious! You guys are going to be naturals. Lots of love,

Tracy said...

I have only one (two) question(s) concerning the "if Tim will wear it, Alex can wear it" condition. Does this requirement apply to diapers? Wouldn't one assume a messy babyhood, what with Alex growing up in tidy whiteys? Don't even think of boxers!

grammy said...

You two are having too much fun being pregnant!!!!!!!!!! Love the "Wish List" article.

Amy said...

AAAAAuuughghghghghhh!! I'm quitting work and rushing right down there! Do you have my room ready to move in? I can't stand that you are doing MY shopping for me!!!! I should be shopping full time for Alex. As soon as I can shake Tracy off my leg and wrestle the credit card away from him, I am on my way!!
All the carts and buggies should be coded with level of difficulty so that you don't embarrass yourself repeatedly in the stores. You have to have a masters degree to figure out some of the lifts and levers and then the top secret codes to open and close a lot of them. On the otherside...it is entertaining to watch many of the men struggle, repeating the words "I've got it...I've got it" until the gal can't stand it anymore and presses the one button that makes the contraption expand in all directions while lighting up and playing music. Ahh...that never gets old.
Gotta go. I still have more baby sites to go to before I jump into the GrandMama Mobile and fill'er up with Alex goodies! I may need to buy a U-Haul as well!

leah said...

You know Amy....I bet we could buy some type of "pod" and park it at Tim & Sarah. That way we can just have all of our many purchases sent straight to their house and we can unload them all later!! What do ya'll think??? ;)