Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch Him If You Can

I promised a video of A crawling, so here it is.

Since I filmed this video last week, A has either gotten faster or the rest of us have gotten slower. We're in the "can't leave him alone for a second" phase because, wouldn't you know it, he's only interested in playing with things he's not supposed to. I spend most of my day wrangling him into the center of the living room, away from the DVD's, the electrical cords, Murph's dog food bowl, and the nasty corners of my kitchen floor. SIGH. I'm exhausted.

But despite the exhaustion, I appreciate that he's curious and full of energy, and it is such a pleasure to watch him exploring and discovering new things. LOVE it. LOVE him. The end.


hillarykey said...

Now is when it gets fun!! They learn so much so fast. I can't wait for Wilson to start exploring--oh wait, yes I can!! haha. I like how he acted like he was going for the ball but went for the bathroom instead.

Oliver said...

SMART baby!! He knew exactly what you were talking about with the ball, and I love how he even said it! Cute, cute, cute. This was a great video. And, btw, Seth and I are just sitting here laughing at the stage you're in. Been there, done that....have fun :) Let the baby-proofing begin.

Quinn said...

I don't know if I dislike you or I'm jealous of you with your ever so positive attitude about this new stage Alex has entered into. Unless Quinn veered slightly to the right, when she should have veered to the left....I believe Alex and her are in the same stage and my attitude isn't so positive. (maybe I just need to exercise) But, I am glad to at least hear you sigh and know that I am not the only exhausted mama.....wait, never mind, crawling child or not, just being a mom is exhausting.
BTW, we'll see if Joy and Seth are still laughing when we drop Alex and Quinn off for an evening at the Primm's house! :)

Oliver said...

Bring 'em on!! And just to clarify, we're not laughing in jest - mostly that "we empathize with you because we know exactly what you're dealing with" laugh. I think every stage a kid is in is tough for one reason or another. They're all so much fun at the same time - but there's always some tough aspect to it. I think one of the biggest changes is going from a non-mobile kid to a mobile one, so I'm just laughing in remembrence of feeling the exact same way you guys are talking about. Chasing around a busy kid who wants to get into everything is TIRING!!! Keep having fun :)