Friday, February 1, 2008

Mommy's Little B-boy

We've made the difficult decision to postpone our Dallas plans and pursue a new career opportunity that allows us, as a family, to share our true passion.

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We have decided to call ourselves the Pigtown Posse and have plans to try out for Season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew. It may seem like a pipe dream, but we really feel like we have the potential to make it big.

To help achieve that end, we really needed to kick Alex's b-boy style up a notch. We got him this sweet retro hoodie and placed the order for his custom "B-Baby" belt buckle. We also make him practice his moves at least three hours a day. You see, his headspins and munchmills are on point, but his hallow backs and backspins could use some work.

We rewarded A for a productive day of b-boy practice by taking him out to lunch with Seth, Joy, and Oliver.

Us Evans' always have a Plan B, so in case the whole breakdancing thing didn't work out, we were preparing for a future in rock 'n' roll. And what better preparation than some Guitar Hero? We were considering letting the Primms in the band too, so we made them practice. Poor Seth kept getting beat by Joy...

and Oliver... he got desperate and pulled out his "secret weapon", aka a very lame and uncool cape that he fashioned out of Oliver's blanket. Despite his best efforts, Joy continued to prevail as Guitar Hero champion until Seth gave up and went home in tears.


Amy said...

I'm looking for glue to put my butt back on. I laughed it off when I saw the video. I see why Alex has that extra rhythm and music interest!
And you made fun of us for giving into Nick's every whim! This just keeps working out! You guys can be the background dancers for Nick's band and Rachel will be the road photographer and we will be the moocher parents that live off their kids!
This is gonna work out better than I could have every planned!
Where'd ya get the cool coat?
Granny B

Oliver said...

That video is freaking awesome - you guys are our heros.

grammy said...

You people have way too much time on your hands! How funny and Alex looks like he's really the leader of the dance group. I'm w/Granny B, love the coat.

Love ya lots, hugs and kisses!!!!

leah said...

So yeah, Alex has the best moves out of you 3!!! And Tim, your hair looks REALLY GRAY!!! :-).....I like those shoes Alex...Auntie L has got to get busy shopping for some more new ones!!!

leah said...

oh and I forgot to add........GO JOY!!!!