Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gonna get me a ten point...

Earlier this week, Alex got a package in the mail from his Great Grandpa (aka Poppo) and Grandma Sally. They live in the Peoria area now, but back in the nineties, they moved from Illinois to a great little house on the river in Northern Arkansas, where they lived for several years before moving back. We spent many awesome vacations there, riding horses, floating the river, and removing ticks from places where the sun don't shine. Aahh, fond memories. So it is quite an ironic twist of fate that I find myself back here in Arkansas.

Anyway, about this package. Alex tried to chew his way through it but failed, so I opened it for him. It contained a letter which read:

Deer Alexander the Greater, Since you will be moved from Arkansas to Texas during your early formative years, there is a risk that your opportunity for cultural development will be diminished. Lord A'mighty, we must protect agin' that.

Enclosed please find an authentic "Deer Camp Hat" that you can proudly wear on the opening day of Deer Season and otherwise when riding in your Pickup Stroller.

Luvya' l'il feller.
[Great] Grandma and Grandpa - qualified former residents of the proud state of Arkansas!

As stated, it also contained a rugged and manly camo cap that is just as stylish as it is functional.

Now I'm gonna have to find out when the opening day of deer season is. 'Til then, he'll just have to wear it when the mood strikes him.

Here're some other random pics from that day. A was in high spirits (not that that is unusual) and was looking especially cute (not that that is unusual) so he was in the mood for hamming it up in front of the camera.


Amy said...

Oh!!! How grown up he looks! That Poppo sure do gots a way with them words, don't he? Ya can take the Grampa out of Ar-Kansas, but ya can't take do the otherwise can ya?
Alex is gonna have to be careful or Timothy is gonna try to be sportin' that cap!
Can't wait to see ya!
Granny B loves ya!

Chatter said...

He is soooo cute!! I love all the pics. I'm finally getting an email out to you today Sarah! Talk to you soon :)

Quinn said...

OK, we might as well celebrate Alex's 1st birthday along side with Quinn's in March. I mean the kid could pass for an one year old as is and it would save us a drive to Dallas in July.