Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post-Pea Pooh. P.U.

Joy has been warning me for some time about the distinct difference between pre-food and post- food diapers, particularly the accompanying odors of each. I thought I was prepared, but now that I have experienced the putrid fumes firsthand, I am convinced that one can never be adequately prepared for such a thing. It's just about the most heinous funk I've ever smelt. In my life. And I live with Timothy.

And, not to dwell on this vile topic for too terribly long, but peas must also harbor some sort of explosive power because, for some reason, every dirty post-pea diaper has been of the "blowout" variety. You know, the good ole, up the back, slimy green mess of a diaper, where you desperately clutch both of his feet with one hand and quickly undo the diaper with the other, scanning the proximate region for a safe spot to set the diaper until you can dispose of it, praying that one foot doesn't escape your grasp and flop directly into the sticky mess on his rear end, where you can't decide whether to wipe his back first or try to remove his soiled onesie without getting it (or him) any dirtier, and when you finally decide to wipe him down and worry about the onesie later, you can't get the dadgum wipes out of the container because they're clinging together in one mushy lump that won't fit through the slot, and you only have one free hand to work with because the other is still struggling to hold little wriggling feet that are attached to a little wriggling body, and you'd give anything for two more hands, or one even, and...anyway, here's how the story ends:

Of course, as soon as I got him stripped down and cleaned up, he rolled over and peed all over the changing pad. Better than the floor, I guess.

So we worked with organic peas this week, and A really started to get the hang of this eating thing. We're not real formal here in the Evans household - as you can see, we have drive-thru dining where "no shoes no shirt no service" definitely doesn't apply.

Hey Alex!

Whaddya think of the peas?

One thumb up. I guess that means they're okay.

So...since peas seemed to go so well this week, with no indications of allergies or any other pea-related issues (aside from the aforementioned stank), we decided to go ahead and get green beans out of the way. I wasn't sure whether the beans would go as well as the peas had, just because they aren't as sweet, and because they seem, in theory, to be a little further up (or down...?) on the "icky" scale.

We had been feeding A on the fly, either in his walker or his bouncy seat, but tonight we decided to stop being lazy and set up his high chair so he could eat like a big boy. We strapped him in, and he was delighted to find that the chair came with an appetizer, or in his case, an amuse bouche.

I sat down in front of him with a little bowl of heated green bean puree (and yes, it does taste like mushed up green beans), extended the loaded spoon, and held my breath...

...and he loved them! My child loves green bean mush!! He couldn't open his mouth wide enough for the next bite. After two smashingly successful mouthfuls, we decided that we had to get the camera.

My favorite part is when he sticks his little tongue out and licks his chops. I mean, seriously, can you believe what a good eater he is? And green beans? I guess it shouldn't really come as a surprise. I mean, Tim and I aren't exactly what you would call "finicky". I figure, if he's into peas and beans, everything else he eats should be a piece of cake. (No Auntie L, he still can't have cake yet.)

We did a few more peas before bedtime, which he sucked down like a pro, and his dad even gave him a dinnertime concert on the guitar. Mashed peas and live music. Does life get any better?


grammy said...

Ok. Grammy is going to bed now and visions of sugar plums will not be in my head but visions of "Alex and Green Beans" will be for sure. If I didn't know when his birthday was I would say the kid would have to be a year old. Can you get any cuter!!!!!!!!!! These posts have been the greatest. Was in Monroe today and babies were everywhere but none like you Alex. All I could think of was you. I really like this Grammy thing - Grammy loves you!!!!!!!

leah said...

So are y'all really still surprised the kid likes to eat so much?? I mean he is an is what we do best!!! It takes a lot of eating to keep these great bodies of ours :) And in honor of Bro. Sam....."Thursday is green beans...everybody happy? Well I should say!!"