Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Boy

When I went in to get Alex out of bed on Saturday morning, I discovered that he had pulled his jammies open, exposing his diaper to the world. He's a bit of an exhibitionist, it appears. I took him downstairs and he showed the family what he would do if he ever had the opportunity to appear on Boys Gone Wild. They found it amusing and saw it as an opportunity to give him belly zurples.

Saturday afternoon was fairly laid back. As you can see, Alex didn't even bother to change out of his pajamas. As usual, he enjoyed lounging and laughing with Grammy, Papa, and Auntie L.

He also spent some time on his tummy, trying to develop an effective crawling technique (to no avail) and shot the breeze with the Laugh & Learn Puppy that he got from Great Uncle Danny and Aunt Nancy for Christmas. He also got a cool Spin 'N' Learn Top from his Great Aunt Susan and Uncle Steve that he really likes, and took some time to practice his walking.

Oh and you may wonder why all of the pictures that I post of Alex are so cute. That's because he makes me show him each and every one I intend to post, then he must approve them (in writing) before I can put them on the blog. When he found out about all of the "unapproved" pics on Auntie L's Picasa site, he flipped his lid. So he made her show him what was on her camera so he could "yay" or "nay" each shot. If you check out her site, you can see which ones were "yayed".

Seriously though, I don't edit out whiny crybaby pictures, I just don't have very many of them to share because he really doesn't cry much. In fact, I think that he is just as funny and cute when he whines as when he doesn't, so if I had the pictures, I'd be more than willing to post them. Fortunately, Auntie L got a good one of Alex with a rare "crybaby" face that I will post, as promised:

He looks pitiful, but he was cheesing about five seconds later. I don't even remember what he was fussing about, to tell you the truth, and neither does he.

Anyway, as the day went on, we got tired of the house and decided to run some errands. The first stop was PetSmart because Murph was in desperate need of pig ears (yum), plus I thought it would be fun to take Alex in to look at the animals.

He looked pretty hard at the birds, but didn't seem to know what to think about them. Our next stop was Kohl's, where we decided to give the Kohl's shopping cart/baby seat a whirl. Alex sat up fine, although he tended to get his lean on when we would round corners. I borrowed a pillow from the home department and wedged it in beside him, attempting to keep him upright. But that just made him lean the other way. Duh. Shoulda borrowed two pillows, I guess...

After shopping and a nap, we went to Red Robin for dinner. We brought Alex's portable high chair instead of messing with the skanky restaurant one, which turned out to be a lifesaver. It is just the right size and completely cootie-free. We just threw some toys on the tray and he entertained himself until the last few minutes of the meal, when pre-bedtime fussiness reared its ugly head. We pulled him out of his seat and he forgot about being sleepy when he spied the balloon tied to the back of Papa's chair. He couldn't wait to get his mouth on it. Fortunately he doesn't have any teeth yet, cuz I imagine having a balloon pop in one's mouth might cause some post-traumatic stress...

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leah said...

Someone has been doing some MAJOR blogging today!!! You've caught up!! YAY!!!!! Tell Alex he better get used to it, there will be many, many, many more embarassing pictures of him!! Auntie L loves those :-)