Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Please Suh, buy me last pape?

We had planned on doing church at 11 on Sunday morning, hoping A could get in about an hour of his morning nap. I had to wake him up from a dead sleep so we wouldn't be late, poor baby. Here is what I found:

Although the temperature was really mild, the wind was wicked strong that morning. So I strapped on Alex's newsboy cap to make sure his ears were protected. He looked hilarious and adorable at the same time, and I couldn't stop giggling everytime I looked at him. He had to borrow Auntie L's iPhone to make a few calls before we left, then we all got in the car and headed to church.

Timothy dropped A off at the nursery and met the rest of us in the worship center. Turns out, since Alex can sit on his own now, he is no longer a Cuddly Cub. Nope. He has moved on to the more mature Baby Blue Birds. Can you believe it?! He's a big boy Baby Blue Bird!

Anyway, after the service, we hightailed it back to the Children's Center to pick him up because - let's face it - none of like to be away from him for any longer than we absolutely have to. When we got there, he was sharing a lovely women's lap with a darling little girl. The woman asked which child belonged to us, and when we indicated that the child on her left knee was our Alex, she exclaimed, "Oooh!! He is the best baby! He has been sooo good! He is such a happy boy!" She went on and on, ranting and raving about his stellar behavior and sunny disposition, which just made our day. You might think you have a great baby, and your family might think you have a great baby, and your friends might feel obligated to tell you that you have a great baby, but when a perfect stranger says it, that's when you really feel validated.

Vicki had been wanting a family picture since Christmas, so we had planned to meet Joy after the service so that she could take it for us. On our way out of the Children's Center, we ran into Joy and the Carpenters, who were on their way in to pick up their children. We tried to take advantage of the photo op, but the kids were distracted and Alex kept trying to eat Quinn's sweater...Maybe next time.

We tried out a couple of different locations, starting with a nice bed of rocks outside of the church. The wind was blowing at around 80 mph that afternoon and the lighting was not ideal, but Joy still managed to get a good shot of all of us.

We decided to try a second location, just to have an option, and this one was inside the church lobby. Another good one!

Alex thought he was looking pretty hot and wanted to model some more, so Auntie L took some head shots of him in his newsboy cap...

And a couple more with his Auntie L...

All the picture taking left us with ravenous appetites, so we planned to meet the Primms at Las Fajitas for a Mexican fiesta. It was dee-lish. Or should I say, muy bueno.

Back home we went and sent Grammy, Papa, and Auntie L on their way. 'Til next time!


leah said...

May I just say......that little boy is a Q-T!!!

leah said...

oh and also....we may need to hunt up that little girls "digits"!!! They make a pretty cute couple :)

Quinn said...

Auntie L.......I hope you were referring to Quinn's digits :). I will try to not let Quinn see that picture of Alex and the "other girl". She would be devastated, absolutely devastated. But we all knew that once he became a Blue Bird the ladies would come crawling. Oh, and Sarah, that 1st picture was hilarious! Love his little bottom and his little knee highs!!