Friday, January 18, 2008

Allergy Update

A was still pretty bumpy last night when he finally got up from his nap last night - no better or worse than he was earlier in the day, so I guess that's good news. And he was in a good mood when I went in to get him, so apparently he hasn't let the shots or a nasty rash affect his demeanor.

He slept in this morning (7 o'clock - woohoo!!) and when I went in to get him, he was a happy camper. You'd never know he was still covered in icky little bumps. But he was. Not quite as bad as yesterday, though, so I decided not to drug him up unless he gave me a reason to. He was actually a little giddier than usual and we had a lot of fun playing while Timothy was at school this morning.

Naps didn't go so well, however. His first nap was fine, but his afternoon nap lasted a whopping thirty minutes, whereas he's usually down for at least two hours. But then he was up and at 'em, so I guess a power nap was all he needed.

We tried for nap number three in the late afternoon, and I expected him to make up for the short midday one like he normally does. HA! Guess again, ma. I rocked him and drugged him and still only got another thirty minute nap out of him. He was pretty grumpy after he got up, so I fed him dinner, gave him a quick bath, and put him to bed. By that time, his rash had faded but was still hanging around. Hopefully tomorrow he will be the pasty white and smooth baby that he used to be (before bananas).


leah said...

Sarah, dont get him to put his toes to his mouth any more than he already does..........his toe(nails) may turn out like his daddy's!! :-( And that hair is still cracking me up!!!!

Rachel said...

I must agree with Leah here, feet and mouths definitely don't go together- eewwwww! But he still is an adorable little booger!

leah said...

The Aunties have spoken!! Keep your feet out of your mouth Alex...dont act like your daddy!! :-)

hillarykey said...

So the tooth is probably to blame for the short naps. Just wait for the teething diapers to start!