Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pumas, Prayers, & Parties

Before I talk about today's events, I need to post a few more gratuitous shots of Alex eating because, well, he's just so darn cute and I want to look at him, even if no one else does.

Okay, so we got that out of the way. Now onto this morning. We were planning to go to church at 11 and we ended up having to wake Alex a little early from his nap so we wouldn't be late. We got him dressed, threw his essential baby stuff in the diaper bag, and headed up to Rogers.

We parked and rushed to the nursery to drop A off and discovered that, somewhere between the car and the Children's Center...we lost a Puma. I panicked and retraced our steps halfway back to the car to see if I could find it. Nothing. I moped my way back to the nursery where Timothy and Alex were waiting, all the while contemplating how I would cope with my grief over the missing shoe.

We dropped Alex off and went into the service. When the service was over, we went back to pick up our poor, shoeless boy and take him home, where he could eat and get a much needed nap. We hiked to the car, which was parked no less than three miles from the church, and...what's lumpy the middle of the parking it?...can it be?...It IS!! It's the Puma! Oh happy day! Of course, since they are obviously too small and will not stay on Alex's feet, the infamous black size 2 Pumas are now officially retired, having been removed from Alex's shoe wardrobe and carefully tucked away for the next child.

This afternoon, we were getting together with our community group to socialize and discuss the upcoming semester. We decided to allow the children to attend, which, on a normal meeting day, is not such a great idea. Not that they're not all wonderful, well-behaved kids. It's just that, when you have two 18 month olds, one 16 month old, a nine month old, and two six monthers, the parents tend to get a little distracted and tend not to focus on the lesson. But it is always great fun to get the kids together when we can.

It was especially fun to get Alex and McKenzie together, considering they are a mere 2 minutes apart. Hooray for birthday buddies!

Although they are only 2 minutes apart, we determined that they must be at least two pounds apart. I'm tellin' ya, that Alex is one hoss of a child. Tomorrow morning, we'll find out just how big he really is...

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Amy said...

AAAuuughghghg! THAT is the CUTEST outfit EVER!!!! EVER!!!
God does perform miracles everyday!! For mothers they are ususally in the shape of a shoe or nap during church service.
Gotta go send those pics to the national news service. EVERYONE needs to see how cute he is!
Love Granny B