Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Familiar Face

I had a checkup with Mari at the Women's Clinic on Wednesday morning, so we decided to take Alex along to visit her. I was not brave enough to take him with me when I went in for my six week checkup, so she hasn't seen him since that fateful day in July. Timothy came along to entertain him while I got "checked up", so the three of us were sitting in the exam room when Mari came in. She took one look at Alex and gasped. "He looks to be a year old!" she exclaimed. He smiled and flirted a bit, then we got down to business. As we discussed things, Mari kept interrupting herself to say, "He is such a beautiful baby!" She must have said it four times. Anyway, she was so happy that we had brought him in to meet with her under more pleasant circumstances than the first time, as were we.

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