Monday, February 4, 2008

Computer Geek in Training

Poppa came up to visit this weekend, and he really outdid himself this time. My child is the official, spoilt rotten owner of a cell phone, a keyboard, and a laptop computer. Sure, none of them actually work. But Alex is easy to please. He is perfectly content to bash his hands against non-functioning keys, and when he does, I like to pretend that he is busy composing poems with such titles as, "Why I Love My Mommy", or maybe beginning a "how to" series like, Quantum Physics for Infants, Volume I: Learn the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Before Naptime.

When he's not penning best-sellers, he likes to unwind by chewing on the cord to his keyboard, particularly the end that has a yummy metal thing sticking out of it. Now, it has occurred to me that encouraging a child to chew on electrical cords is probably not the wisest course of action, especially if I'd prefer to keep DHS from beating down my front door. So I try to discourage him from chomping on the cord - and all cords in general - which is basically a full time job when you have a teething child who has never met an object that he didn't want to gnaw on.

He chewed on Poppa too, and demonstrated how he loves to squeal and shriek whenever tickled or tossed around.

The boys, minus Alex, went to the Arkansas game, so A got some jumping in.

Then more QT with Poppa.

Poppa left Sunday morning as Alex went down for his nap, to dreams of the fun he had while Poppa was here. Auntie L was thinking about coming next weekend, but we were afraid that Alex might have "fun overload" if he had visitors three weekends in a row. So fun with Auntie L is currently being rescheduled for sometime in the near future.

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leah said...

So, has Alex been eating a lot of orange foods??? He's got the sweet potato cheeks going on :-) There are some great facial expressions in these pictures......and I can really see that tooth!!!! Tell Alex not to worry, I will be there ASAP!!!