Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Two Sons

Normally the point of this blog is to brag on Alex, but I do have to take just a sec to brag on my godson Oliver cuz he is just so darn cute.

We went to the hospital to visit our CG friends, the Pointers, who just had a beautiful baby girl yesterday. I met up with the Primms so that we could watch the boys in shifts because, since I delivered Alex, the hospital has decided to up its security and is on complete lockdown mode. Kids aren't allowed in the post-partum rooms, and adults are only admitted after a thorough background check, a urine specimen, and a full body cavity search. So while Joy and I went to see the baby, Seth watched the boys, then I relieved Seth while he joined Joy in the p.p. room.

A just adores Oliver (and, on more than one occasion, tried to see what he tastes like), and it's no wonder. O is so sweet and adorable and will be the best big brother ever. He crawled around on the floor so Alex could follow him, and when I asked him to sit down to take a picture with Alex, the first thing he did was grab A by the shoulders and plant a big smooch right on his face. Yes, I know they will reel at the mention of such things when they're thirteen, but for now, it is the sweetest thing ever. I'm trying really hard not to think about how hard it will be to move away and compromise the awesome bond that those two could have if we lived closer while they were growing up. But that's life, and that's what road trips are for. (Joy, stop crying.)

A was a little crabby before we went to the hospital, but that visit with O must have been the boost he needed cuz from the time we got in the car to the time I put him to bed, his lips did not stop moving. He was all, "Goo goo goo ga ga ga da da da ba ba ba..." He was yakking away in the seconds before he barfed up three gallons of savory carrots, potatoes and beef, and the yakking resumed a split second after he finished emptying his guts onto his bib, his highchair, his shirt, and the floor. I got a few still shots pre-barf cuz seriously, he was pretty nasty-looking after that happened and I wouldn't want to cause any of my readers to recreate the aforementioned barfing scene. (p.s. I know A looks like he has been abused about the face, but he is so active and I can't seem to cut his nails short enough. Every morning I get him out of bed, it looks like he's been in a fist fight with Edward Scissorhands.)


leah said...

Oh my! Those faces are awfully great :-)

Oliver said...

So sweet, Sarah. Thanks for the shout-out. You guys are the bestest friends ever! My heart was melting while reading about the boys yesterday. Lotsa love.

Weems World said...

wait-are you guys moving?