Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Survivor: Evans Island

I had a little boohoo when I read Leah and Emily's comments from Monday's Superbowl post because lately I have begun to realize how few pictures I have of Alex and I, and it's really starting to bum me out. I spend every waking minute with him and we have so much fun, and I so badly want to capture every second of the time we have together. It is usually just the two of us and I have yet to master the art of the self-portrait (plus, the camera isn't as good at making him smile as I am), so despite having the camera in hand at all times, most of the pictures I take are of him doing things on his own.

When Tim is around, I am still usually the one behind the camera, except on those rare occasions when I hurl it at him and say, "Puh-lease take our picture". (Not that he minds doing it. It's just not natural for him and sometimes it takes some prompting. Like cleaning the toilet.) This was one of those cases:

I did lighten up a bit when the Fed Ex man brought a package for Alex from Auntie L. When Auntie L sends a package, there's a good chance that it contains shoes. And what is a better pick-me-up than a new pair of shoes (even if they are for Alex)? Not much, I say.

I tried to help Alex open the box, but I succeeded in patronizing him and challenging his box-opening skills instead. "Back off, Ma! I got this, I GOT THIS!!"

Ooh, Vans! And not just any Vans. They're flannel Vans in blue and grey and black, and I love them. I mean, Alex loves them, cuz clearly, what he thinks matters.

But first, before he could officially approve of them, he had to administer the mandatory chew test. To check the flavor, I guess.

"Yup," he said, "these'll do just fine."

So yay, new shoes for Alex and some sweet candid pics of him and me. I'm considering contacting some reality TV producers to see if they want to do a show about life with me and Alex. The stipulations, of course, are that they would pay us lots of money, we'd have 100% control of the editing process, and, oh yeah, they would not broadcast the show anywhere in the contiguous United States in case I did something embarrassing. Please email me if you know someone that knows someone that can hook me up...


leah said...

hehehe the sweet potatoes are spreading.....he's got the Rudolph nose going on :-) Glad to see some pics!! We'll have to make sure and get some more when I come visit! And, Im glad you love the Vans! They look huge in that picture though!!! I better start planning now for what I will buy in size 5!! hummmm decisions, decisions!!! :0)

leah said...

oh...and you will have to have a lesson from the "pro" on self-portraits when I come!!!

Chatter said...

He is so cute! And those shoes are adorable. You'll get sick enough of not having any pictures and master the self-timer. I try to do it randomly w/Conner.

Have a good weekend!

Amy said...

Okay, say it... SSSSaaaayyyy it...
How many years did you roll your eyes at me and whine when I asked to take pictures. are beginning to understand. Guess what. All the other sickeningly nauseating motherly things I said were true too and those corn ball things are gonna come out of your mouth sooner or later!! Gosh, being a granny is GREAT!
This kid who puts everything in his mouth is the same one 5 years from now who is going to complain he doesn't like your cooking cause it tastes icky!!!!