Monday, July 27, 2009

Alex's 2nd Birthday Celebration, VOL.2

This installment of Alex's Birthday Celebration starts where we left off, with Alex and Rachel and I playing outside in the front yard. Alex got a nasty rash on his neck and face because...well, that's what he does. So we came inside and I pumped him full of Benadryl, because that's what I do.


He (and his bad-hair-havin'-self) played with Aunt Rach while I painted and cut and cleaned and cooked.




Eventually Tim came home, and I had TWO grown-up helpers at my disposal.



My mom and dad were driving in from Peoria and got to our house around 7:30pm, and only dad knew that Rachel was going to be here. So imagine my mom's surprise when she walked into my living room and saw Rachel sitting on the couch. I wish I had a picture of her face so that you wouldn't have to imagine it because it was pretty funny. Once she got over her initial shock, she and A got to doin' what they do best.


And this is what they look like in the morning after a late night of dishwashing.





Then Grampa joined the fun.


Hmm, now what could make this birthday any better...How about if I woke up in the morning, walked into the living room, and found MY LITTLE BROTHER NICK asleep on the floor!!?? Tim had gone to the airport in the middle of the night because his flight from Chicago had been canceled and brought him back to the house to surprise everyone. I mean, seriously people, does it get any better!!!???

As a matter of fact, IT DOES!! Later that morning, Grammy and Poppa and the Mamaws showed up at our house, and while I knew that they were coming, it was just awesome to have so much family together in one place. Other than Chris and Leah, who would be heading our way later in the day, Alex had his whole family there to celebrate his birthday. I wish he knew how lucky he is.


Unfortunately, our little family celebration only lasted a few minutes before I started freaking out because, HEL-LO, I had a party to get ready for. Lucky for me, I have a history of freaking out at party time, so everyone already knew to stay out of my way and wait for me to start shouting orders. (It's so nice to have a family that knows how neurotic you are, who accepts it and is willing to cater to your whims - in-laws included! Have I mentioned how great my family is?)

To be continued...


Rachel said...

If you really want to remember what mom's face looked like when she saw me- just remember your own surprise and look in a mirror. It's hillarious how much you and mom are alike. Ya'll totally had matching shocked looks. It was great! Those are the faces I was aiming for. I had so much fun! Thanks for being my unsuspecting hostess.

Granny B said...

OH, my cheeks hurt! I've been grinning ear to ear the whole blog (except when I saw the pictures of me and Alex 6 am fresh out of bed:( huh!). I was REALLY Shocked when I saw Rachel and it NEVER occured to me that there was even a chance of Nick coming after that! The day is over but I think about it all the time and it makes me so so happy that my family realizes how lucky we all are and that they would spend 6 months of their savings just to be able to get together for a weekend of shared madness!
This is why kids are so great. Look what Alex was able to bring together! Without his birthday celebration it would never have happened!
Life is good!

grammy said...

Amen Granny B - Family, Life - It's the best, luv ya'll and oh my what a party - Memries !!!!!!!!!